As In the Days of Noah

with Ken Ham, June 30-July 2, 2017

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Comparisons between today’s culture and Noah’s day are hard to deny as we observe generational loss from the church and the secularization of the Western World. Just as Noah built an ark and warned people of the flood, we’re called to tell others about the final judgment and salvation through Jesus Christ. Get better equipped to defend the Christian faith and reach the lost with His Gospel.

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About Ken Ham

KEN HAM is president and founder of Answers in Genesis, the highly acclaimed Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter, all of which work to engage today’s culture with Biblical truth. He is a respected authority on creation science, who has appeared on numerous national television programs; a best-selling author; prominent blogger; and the host of the syndicated daily radio program Answers with Ken Ham, which is broadcast on more than 900 stations. He is also the founder of Answers magazine, which won the “Award of Excellence” for top Christian magazine in 2011 from the Evangelical Press Association.

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