leadership training

Pastors' Institute: Re-Igniting Your Call

with Don Wilton, February 16-17, 2017

Come stoke the fire of God’s calling in and through your life.

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Leadership Renewal Retreat: Answering the Call

with Ray Bentley, March 20-22, 2017
Stay Over Opportunity

What can God do with a hurting, discouraged person who has a dim view of themselves? Just ask Moses. God chose to reveal His glory through him in a way that changed the world and prepared the way for Jesus.

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Pastors' Institute: Storm—Hearing Jesus for the Times We Live In

with Jim Cymbala, June 5-6, 2017
Come Early and Stay Over Opportunities

The church in America is in the middle of a powerful storm, the intensity of which is likely to increase in coming months and years. Many Christians are bewildered, disheartened, and concerned by what they see—a culture that’s become increasingly hostile to biblical Christianity and a church whose vital signs are quickly waning.

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Leadership Renewal Retreat: Trophies That Won’t Fade

with Jim Henry, October 9-11, 2017
Stay Over Opportunity

What does it take to be a champion for God—to shape churches, families, and lives for Him? From cover to cover, the Bible is filled with champions who were faithful to God’s call.

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Leadership Renewal Retreat: (im)POSSIBLE—
Discovering the Joy of a Prayer, Care, and Share Life

with Lon Allison, November 15-17, 2017

Come get new Biblical insights and practical guidance for enjoying the presence and peace of God each day, experiencing vitality in your community, and guiding your church to more effective evangelism.

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