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The Stories Jesus Told: Renewing Our Minds Through the Parables

with Lisa Harper, June 28-30, 2019

Come Early and Stay Over Opportunities

Often the parables in Gospels are mischaracterized as being simplistic, morality tales that our Savior relied on because His first century audience was mostly illiterate. Seriously? That’s like comparing a wedding cake personally baked by Wolfgang Puck to a Dunkin’ donut.

            Jesus’ parables are anything but simple! Remember He also used them to challenge the thinking of highly educated scribes and Pharisees. Jesus was considered a radical revolutionary during His earthly ministry and His communication style reflects that. The stories He told are sophisticated and symbolic, personal and provocative, uniquely relatable, and absolutely applicable to our modern day lives.

            Come sit at the proverbial feet of our Redeemer. Immerse yourself in the literal sermons He preached and allow His redemptive and instructive narrative to realign your priorities, heal your wounds, and straighten your crooked perspective. Invite the Holy Spirit to increase your personal ministry, provide real rest and rejuvenation for your soul, and help you recognize the voice of Jesus more clearly in your heart and mind.

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About Lisa Harper

Lisa Harper Photo LISA HARPER is a Bible teacher and the author of 14 books and four video-based Bible study curriculums. “Hilarious storyteller” and “theological scholar” are rarely used to describe the same person—but Harper is anything but typical. A gifted communicator, she writes and speaks using colorful pop culture references that connect the dots between the Bible era and modern life.

            She is the former director of Focus on the Family’s national women’s ministry, where she created the popular Renewing the Heart conferences. Harper, has a master’s in theological studies from Covenant Seminary and is currently pursuing a doctorate from Denver Seminary. She was a featured speaker on the Women of Faith national arena tour for eight years. Her most recent projects include a video-based Bible study curriculum on Job and the children’s book Who's Your Daddy? Discovering the Awesomest Daddy Ever.


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